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Zubi is very quick, easy to use, and reduces manual calculations and room for error
"Leader is a manufacturer of frozen convenience foods. Zubi is very quick, easy to use, and reduces manual calculations and room for error. Our ERP system heavily integrates our supply chain and stock on hand for physical materials, whereas Zubi is purely for creating Nutritional’s and ingredient lists for our packaging etc, hence we have both systems. Our ERP system is set up in layers, so Zubi nicely fits in as it has the option of forming layers to create the finished product. It’s a simple system, easy to use that 1, saves time, 2, makes for easy tracing when certain items used in multiple products and 3, reduces cost of analytical testing."

Kaeslin Rodrigues

Product Development Technologist · Leader Products NZ

It has also made compliance easier and I find using the tool really fascinating
"MYLK produces a range of Fresh and Frozen ready-made meals, soups, desserts and baking. Zubi was far more affordable than other programs I looked at. Zubi has made my work life easier because if you need to change a NIP it’s done instantly and likewise if you need to change a particular ingredient it then changes every product that uses that ingredient. The time it saves is so valuable when running a business. It has also made compliance easier and I find using the tool really fascinating to see what each product calculates out at. The customer service has been outstanding - extremely quick to help resolve [my] issue. "

Kristy Isaacson

MYLK Food Store

we save time and now have peace of mind in terms of accuracy.
"Titahi – Food with Freedom produces artisan hand-made products using wholefood ingredients for the specialty diet market – including gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and suitable for paleo, vegan, keto, coeliac, low fodmap, and auto-immune protocols. The types of products we make include crackers, bread, biscuits, granola, muesli, and chocolates. We had previously been using a free online nutrition calculator and had to re-calculate each time a recipe was altered - very time-consuming. The shift to Zubi means that calculations are now accurate as our NIPs are based on the actual ingredients that we use. It has also made it easier for new NIPs to be calculated when changes in recipes take place. With Zubi we have the information logged permanently and we are able to just alter recipes as we need to and Zubi gives us an automatic NIP change. Workday and annual tasks have been simplified, we save time and now have peace of mind in terms of accuracy. "

Anna Te Puni

Steward, Titahi - Food with Freedom

Well thought out & simple to use.
"I'm time poor, with little patience for subpar software. After two failed attempts at Food Labeling and at a cost of 12k, I had a real negative attitude towards it. Then I found Zubi, what a breath of fresh air! I have achieved more in the first 3 months with Zubi than I have in the last 15 years. The layout is well thought out, simple to use and doesn't require a science degree. Food Labeling is now simple!"

Mathew McManus

Owner, Rainbow Cake Kitchen

Saved from at least one nationwide product recall.
"At Chocolate Brown we have been using Zubi since 2016. The software is excellent and does all that we need. We rarely need support but when we do it is equally good. The Zubi people know their stuff. Our Zubi labels have saved us from at least one nationwide product recall, which would have been very expensive for the business. I would certainly recommend Zubi to anyone with similar business needs."

Des Vize

Owner, Chocolate Brown

Time-saving, Accurate, Simple
"The Pure Food Co specialises in producing fortified texture modified food for older people.

The problem we faced with our previous software was that it could only be used on Windows computers. After some research, we decided on Zubi. We chose Zubi because of the competitive cost, ability to scale up and down recipes, and because it was in the cloud rather than Windows. I like that the team has been flexible about the number of active recipes we required at different times. Benefits we have seen are time saved, increased accuracy and we love that it’s simple to use."

Danielle Merton

The Pure Food Co

Zubi has eased the challenge of creating labels to meet the FSANZ regulations
"Ottogi NZ Ltd manufactures extracts and sauce/dressings and also imports food products from Korea.

Before using Zubi it was difficult to calculate nutritional information for new products. For our imported products, it was hard to check everything to correctly reflect the NIP and label regulation here. Also, there was a risk of missing important information such as allergen and warning statements.
We chose Zubi because it is easy to use and it can be used to create a label for both new products and imported products. We love that it’s helpful with labelling work. It has really eased the challenge of creating labels to meet the FSANZ regulations.
The impact on our workday has been reduced time spent on checking and creating the labels. That’s one benefit. Two others are an increase in productivity with more labels created within time, and the assurance that labels are in accordance with FSANZ regulations.
I’d recommend Zubi because it’s easy to use and you can be sure it is in accordance with FSANZ regulations."

Hansol Chang

Quality Assurance Officer, Ottogi NZ

3 benefits: Easy to use, quick to adjust labels and cost-saving.
"Before using Zubi we had problems getting all relevant info into a label. We switched to Zubi because all the information is in one place and it is adjustable.
3 benefits of Zubi for us are that it’s easy to use, it’s quick to adjust labels and that it is cost-saving compared to outsourcing.
I was surprised by how easy it is to adjust our own labels. I like that you can select to show or not show the (non-mandatory) relevant info on the label. The ease of adjusting labels as compliance and recipes change has made the workday easier.
One of Zubi’s best features is that the team are quick to answer questions, which is time-saving. I had trouble adjusting percentages on the label and a Zubi team member resolved this issue over the phone.
To someone on the fence about Zubi, I’d tell them it’s easy to use."

Simon Sheehan

Production Manager, Sudano

Creating labels is simple, effective and ensures documentation is done right.
"Zubi has taken away stress from our product development & quality assurance team ensuring that creating labels is simple, effective and ensures documentation is done right. Not only is Zubi easy to use, it allows our team to stay on top of labelling regulations and allergen cross contacts so we can be confident in the information provided to our customers. Zubi is an incredible nutritional tool that the Springbrook team could no longer work without!"

Greta Pearce

New Product Development Manager,
Springbrook Foods

A significant reduction in risk.
"Zubi has become an invaluable tool for the NPD team. We use Zubi daily to manage our ongoing technical projects and development. Using Zubi as our Single Source of Truth (SSoT) has allowed us to generate new product formulations, create NIPs and food labels much more quickly. We have had a significant reduction in risk (less error-prone) and corresponding considerable efficiency improvement."

Anna Ellis

Innovations Manager, Prolife Foods

Intuitive and a vast improvement.
"It was great to see that the team at Zubi already had a wealth of experience working with the FSANZ regulations. We worked closely with the Zubi team to get extra technical enhancements added to the software so we could ensure our processing conditions were reflected in the results which Zubi outputs. The intuitive way that Zubi works has made it easy for our Technologists to get to grips with the new system. Zubi is a vast improvement on our old system."

Richard McAlpine


It really helped us to manage the information.
"The clever, user-friendly software solution called Zubi came to our attention at exactly the right point in a very complex project. The result? Hundreds of back of pack labels...ensuring every product we tested met all the right FSANZ requirements. It really helped us to manage the information we needed to display, ensuring that the technical information was correct."

Sasha d’Entremont


Allergen statements and cross contact processing - an easy click of the mouse.
"Zubi gives you the ability to easily create product formulations and manage critical information associated with it (such as Allergens and Qualifiers). Once we had loaded in our ingredients, Allergen statements were automatically generated for us so we only had to worry about cross contact processing to add to the statement - an easy click of the mouse."

Alejandro Williams


It’s so easy.
"Prior to using Zubi, I felt like throwing my laptop out the window at least a hundred times. I just couldn’t get on with the nutritionals, or getting my head around the jargon. Now it's so easy."

Rob Beard

Wild Game Salamis

Zubi gives us confidence in our labelling for the New Zealand & Australian markets.
"Zubi has streamlined our food labelling procedure - it’s saved us time on NIP calculations, allergen checks, recipe adjustments and design so our NPD team can focus on new delicious flavours. Zubi gives us the ability to have information on hand and confidence in our labelling for the New Zealand & Australian markets. We highly recommend Zubi to anyone in the food industry."

Amy Jones

Dad's Pies

Our data is safe.
"Being online and accessible from anywhere means no software to download or upgrade and no having to remember to back up. It is so convenient and our data is safe. What a relief! Zubi makes it easy to handle the ingredients we manufacture ourselves. A simple tick of a box converts our intermediate products into ingredients for use in our final products. The corporate plan is a great fit for us, because we have so many different products."


Cake Concepts

Everything I need in one system.
"For years I have been all over the show using different software and sites to cross check the nutritional labels to ensure I have everything correct. Now thanks to Zubi I am able to have everything I need in one system, generating a label which I know I can trust as being suitable for the New Zealand market."

Brooke Peterson


Zubi saves me time.
"I first started using Zubi a few months ago and now could not do without it. Zubi saves me time by making it easy to add my own products, customise recipes and print labels. My food tech can then access my recipes to double check that I have entered everything correctly ensuring no costly mistake before launching."

Callum Davies


The support is a big positive.
"The big positive of working with Zubi for my food labelling needs, is the support. Cathy and the team at Zubi are always on hand to answer questions and assist with using Zubi."

Rebecca Rolls


Keep on top of our nutritional information and compliance.
"Zubi is beyond easy to use! We can log in anywhere, anytime - our efficiency is maximised using Zubi. The ease of which we can edit our products helps us to keep on top of our nutritional information and compliance. It’s very cost effective for trialing new products with a casual subscription and we get great support from the Zubi team."

Tim Jones


Great customer service.
"Cathy and her team are friendly and helpful, quick to respond and always have the answers to what you’re looking for. Highly recommended!"

Fern Pereira

Kids HQ SuperMeals

Zubi saved us many hours.
"The laws and requirements around labelling continue to get more complex and rigorous. Zubi provided a platform capable of generating the full range of nutritional information we were seeking for our products - and saved many hours had we been forced to do it manually."

Jeremy Bennet

little bird organics

Spreadsheets can be inherent with errors.
"We love that Zubi helps to mitigate the risks associated with labeling. It’s a great tool that allows us to control the risk, instead of using clunky spreadsheets that can be inherent in errors. A fantastic feature is how it captures and tracks allergens from the recipe we create. The reports produced are a great way of presenting nutritional data."

Mark Brown

GreenMount Foods

Highly recommended for importers.
"Having integrated using Zubi at most of our retail stores, we couldn’t be happier with the software and service. It was simple to train up staff at multiple stores how to use the new version. Having the nutritionals worked out for you makes labelling very easy. We would highly recommend Zubi to other importers. "

Treena Adams


Expert customer support.
"Brilliant, easy to use system, backed up by expert, friendly, efficient customer support. Highly recommended. Ideal for any food business."

Sam Watherston

Just Blend

We can update our recipes online, anytime.
"Zubi is an amazing nutritional tool to use. As a busy catering company, we love that we can update our recipes online, anytime we need to. It takes the stress out of needing to stay on top of labelling, declaring allergens, ensuring that we have formatted everything correctly. "

Olivia Muir

Montana Catering

Simple and straight forward to use.
"As a new business to the NZ food industry we were looking for a professional company to help us with our food labelling. Through Cathy, we started using Zubi . It is fantastic and just what we were looking for to help us create our nutritional labelling information. We found Zubi to be simple and straight forward to use, providing us with exactly what we needed. "

Richard Hains

The Gourmet Cottage

Somewhere to store recipes safely.
"We love that once you are shown the process, the software is very straightforward and easy to use. It’s great having somewhere to store recipes safely and have access to them, whenever you need to edit them. Having the ability to put in new formulations when updating products saves us time and effort. Love the low cost. "

Nick Brown

Huffman's Sauces

Label needs taken care of.
"We couldn’t be happier with Zubi. Cathy has been terrific to work with and is always very helpful. It has been wonderful to have our label needs taken care of by such easy to use software. The website is also great, helping to explain how easy to use Zubi is. "

Helen Walker

Te Mata Figs

Nutritional calculations are a breeze.
"Zubi is fantastic to use! We love that Zubi does exactly what we want it to do. It makes labels easily and professionally. Nutritional calculations are a breeze and we have never had any hassles using it. "

Petrina Meti

Colonial Bacon

We can trust Zubi.
"Zubi has given us the freedom and flexibility to create our own labels and nutritionals, which is really helpful when developing new products, especially as we can trust Zubi to ensure all the technical & legal requirements are met."

Natasha Clarke

Living Foods

Accurate and reliable.
"I'm a fan of Zubi because I know it's accurate, reliable and recognised in the New Zealand food industry. I am confident that because Zubi is backed by Cathy McArdle of McFoodies I trust my labels will be recognised as compliant. Highly recommended. "

Chris Culley


Trustworthy information in an easy to use format.
"I have used Zubi a number of times for the labelling of my products. I have found it a fantastic tool and would highly recommend it. Trustworthy information in an easy to use format. What’s more for a small business owner this is a very affordable alternative."

Alice Shopland

Angel Foods

Save money generating own labels.
"Once I got the hang of it, Zubi was easy to use and I was able to generate my own nutrition panels easily and quickly. I also saved a lot of money generating these myself, which was really important as a small start up business. "

Cara Lennan

Forage and Graze

Streamline label systems.
"It is a really great live system especially as you can change, alter, add, and edit recipes and ingredients very easily and it instantly changes. I would recommend Zubi to anyone in the food industry who would like to enhance and streamline their label systems."

Hayden Mckearney

Simply New Zealand Ice Cream

Reducing the cost of compliance.
"Once the product was finished Zubi was able to create a very professional label that I handed over to my Graphic Designer and he was able to design my back label within minutes, rather than hours. If my recipe changes it's really easy to go back to Zubi and make the necessary changes and create a new label without incurring any additional fees."

Jason Pascoe

Ripe Relish

Recalculates instantly.
"For years I have struggled with calculating labelling reports, much to my packaging designers distress as it always held things up and I never felt 100% sure that they were correct. So when I tried Zubi for the first time it was - WOW this system is so easy! I can go in any time night & day to change information around & it recalculates it instantly. The layout is perfect for my designer to follow, overseas distributors who require product specifications & the almighty AQUIS. Just Easy! "

Christine West

The Herb & Spice Mill