Whether it's one label or a hundred, we've got a plan for you.



  • Fewer products
  • $0 monthly per user
  • $59 annually per calculated product



  • Multiple products
  • $49 monthly per user
  • $19 annually per calculated product



More than 50 products?

Let's talk! We'll create a custom solution based around your business needs.

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What can I do in Zubi for free?

Once signed up with Zubi, you can create and edit an unlimited number of ingredients and finished products without any cost (unless you chose the Frequent option and are therefore paying a monthly fee).

When will I be charged for using Zubi?

You will only be charged for finished products that you choose to calculate. When you calculate a product, your credit card will be charged the applicable fee – the amount will depend on your pricing plan.

Invoices will be sent for all transactions.

Once a finished product is calculated, you will be able to access and edit it for a full year and will not be charged again until the annual anniversary date of the original calculation.

Why would I calculate a finished product in Zubi?

When you create a new finished product it will start out in DRAFT status. In draft status you can not view the calculated labelling information (e.g. ingredient listings, nutrition information etc) and you will not be able to download a labelling report. By calculating the product Zubi will give you full access to this information for a whole year.

Can I cancel my subscription to Zubi at any time?

Yes. As Zubi is an online service you are not locked into any contracts and you can choose to cancel at any time.