About Us

Here’s the backstory about why Zubi came to be.

I love working on food labelling. I find it fascinating - I could do it all day, every day. But I’m guessing the same cannot be said for you. And that’s why you’re here now, checking out Zubi.

Zubi was created for you the food technologist, the food marketer, the food business owner or manager. That’s because you’re the one who has to sort out the details for your food labels, and you’re the one who has to be sure it is correct. You’re the one who may sometimes avoid doing this task - especially when you have ten product labels to do today, they all have multiple ingredients, and you have to work them all out by hand, or using outdated, expensive or incomplete software.

Our customers tell us they love Zubi because it makes food labelling a breeze. They can create food labels in a fraction of the time it used to take; they know the results are always correct and they never have to worry later that they forget to declare an allergen.

The history of Zubi

Hi, I’m Cathy McArdle a food technologist from New Zealand who established Zubi to ease the frustration you get from calculating food labelling information using a spreadsheet, or those nutrition panel calculators that don’t allow for complex formulations.

My business, McFoodies Ltd has been providing contract food technologists since the year 2000, but since 2007 I have been distracted, dreaming of having a food labelling system that does exactly what I wanted it to. Throughout this period I have worked with various people, hoping to create a user-friendly food labelling solution at an affordable price. Unfortunately, none were successful - until now!

Better together: partnering with Matrix Applied Computing

In early 2012 I was introduced to Matrix Applied Computing Ltd, an innovative "information engineering" and IT business based in Auckland, New Zealand. It soon became obvious that Matrix had the perfect technology solutions to bring Zubi to life.

With amazing foresight, the owner and MD of Matrix, Jim Culberson agreed we should set up a business together, to bring Zubi into being.

Onwards and upwards

Since then we've grown our team and benefit from the the skills contributed by Alana and Arabella building great customer and partner relationships, Matt and David wrangling the code that powers Zubi, Max and Kristiina discovering any bugs before new versions get released, and Liz balancing the books.

It's a brilliant group that all have the aim of ensuring the expression “Sensational Food Labelling” is one you’ll always associate with Zubi.

You've heard our all about us. Let's get labelling!   Get started